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The Balance

Dawn cracks with shouts of thunder,
And shoots a string of pellets
Dotting my frosted pane.
You hardly spot the beads
Creeping downwards in single files
Save for those streakers hurrying by
Pausing to flash an eye within.
Nearby trees stretch their arms with tissues
To wipe such sodden faces,
And the sun skips a shine to recoil like
A viper into her dark room waiting....
Rivers gossip as they run by,
While hills fume and jut into the sky
With heads steaming like an engine on heat;
But the sun still wears her yellow shades
Seemingly afraid to spit the rain.
Come, stay awhile let the drops
Rule with darkness the day,
I'm learning life's lessons:
Riding with horses and
Running with hounds -
Before, I never knew the bitter
Sweetness of dark days,
But now, I reach and grasp the filament
Like a precious jewel in the crown,
And behold!
It dazzles like diamonds.

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