NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

The Ballad Of Billy And Dave

There was once a boy named Dave,
A little rascal who loved to misbehave.
He was the cheekiest boy in the entire school,
he once put superglue on the teachers stool.

She tried to get up and greet the class,
But as she stood the stool stuck to her arse
Every pupil burst into laughter,
poor Ms lane never came back after.

Dave had a friend called Billy,
who was twice as thick and just as silly,
Together they would plan there pranks,
they once hid The P.E teachers pants.

Placed them on the statue outside the school,
Poor Mr Davis looked such a fool,
His Y fronts on full public display,
Never came back after that shamefull day.

Every pupil found Dave and Billy so funny,
But not one invited them home to meet there mummy,
Dave and Billy the great school pranksters,
also known in the staff room as 'those little W*****S! ! !

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Tee-hee! Hey Vincent, I like your range of styles and topics.