DS (270552 / Australia)

The Ballad Of Mathew Mcfattie

Mathew McFattie, ate too many patties,
of hamburger, soda and fries.
Poor Mr McFattie, who once was so chatty,
now reduced to one word: supersize.

Now Mr McFattie, whose good friends call Mattie,
was a smartie who'd party yet avoid excercise.
But poor Mr McFattie would soon become catty,
and seduced by one word: supersize.

Now Mr McFattie's, true love, was dear Hattie;
the Irish colleen Miss O'Bese.
They made quite a couple, both squishy and supple;
their addiction to fast food: caprice!

Now Mr McFattie, who'd once been so natty;
could barely stand, on his tree trunk like thighs.
Poor Mr McFattie, was dishevelled and tatty,
as deduced by the word: supersize.

Now Mathew McFattie, was bewildered and batty;
all light and all joy, was lost from his eyes.
For Mr McFattie, had now become ratty;
and reduced to one word: supersize.

Poor Mr McFattie, he came and he sat here,
he sat here and sat here, unable to rise.
Poor Mr McFattie, was confused and quite scatty;
as induced by the word: supersize.

Poor Mr McFattie, expired on my setee.
And it's no petty thing when such a man dies.
For Mr McFattie, his life was a traversty,
as produced by the word: supersize!

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