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The Ballad Of Nirak And Molasba
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The Ballad Of Nirak And Molasba

Poem By Linda Hepner

Nirak, Nirak,
Slipped and fell upon her back,
Upside down she saw the stars,
First saw Venus then saw Mars.

Marveling, she dreamed she floated
High within the heavens moated
By a liquid Milky Way,
Goddess guarding, lest she stray
Or lest some listing Knight should ride
Across the Starstream to her side
And snatch her up upon his steed
Then gallop far, and she once freed
Should tumble yet again and stand
This time erect upon the land.

Floating Nirak in the night
Played with Planets and the light
Of comets passing like a bird
That sang the song of Spheres she heard.
Waltzing to a haunting tune
Wind-whistled by the turning Moon,
She whirled past Jupiter and then
Back to the view of Earth again.

On oceans deep lay Molasba,
His telescope trained up and far.
While floating on the rolling waves
He sees how Nirak Star behaves -
Like Venus frolics in the skies,
Spurns Jupiter and Mars and tries
To sweep the Heaven with her spark
Abolishing the upstart Dark.

He rose and swinging high his hip
He leaped upon his rocket ship
And zoomed with meteoric speed
Heigh ho! up up upon his steed
Until he pierced the outer air
And plunged into the stratosphere.
On on he sped with racing blood
And splash! into the milky Flood
That moated Nirak in her space,
A swirling sea like sweeps of lace
Which netted Molasba the Knight
In senseless points of flashing light.
He spurred his steed and closed his eyes
And through the arrows swiftly flies
Until he reached the great expanse
Where Nirak spun her dreamlike dance.

Up to her side sped Molasba
And caught his dreaming Nirak Star
Who closed her eyes and in his arms
Spun a new net of milky charms.

He tried he tried to make her flee
Down down to the stormy Earthtime Sea,
But she has trapped him in her lace,
They both now swirl in Outer Space.

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In this poem, 'Memory of War, ' and 'Moonlight, ' there is a classical lyricism and narrative quality that certainly compares to the best of narrative, rhyming, (historical,) poetry. There is also, a consistent texture, captivating voice, and a wonderful disclosure of sensibility.