The Ballad Of Portman Road

I wander the street blanketed in loneliness
I soak in the cold air that cloaks “the ‘swich”
She stands in solitude dragging a smoke
Little does she know, she’d next be seen in a ditch

I stalk from afar not unlike a predator
Hating all she is and now and all she ever were
Watching though my bitter eyes
The excitement growing till’ I finally get my hands on her

She waits as a lady of the dark cold night
She gives away the last of her innocence for a few quid
Servicing the lonely, the grumpy, the ugly n’ all
Her only escape is a shot to her vein, her arm, the mid

I stroll over to the unfortunate hapless lass
Ask for a quick rumble and hand her the cash

I’m breaking out in sweat now, too much to handle
Find a darkened corner, I need to rid of his itch and blow out the candle

I see in her eyes as the soul leaves the body
I dismantle these clothes all panicked and bloody

Like a bomb inside, my lust did implode
And thus ends this ballad of the old Portman road

by Luke Timms

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