The Ballad Of The Lucky Man

The Ballad of the Lucky Man

She visited me at 15
Like an untasted maelstrom of tempestuous emotions

She whispered like a midnight seductress
So mysterious and so enchanting

She stole my youth away
She dissolved my loneliness
And we were as one

She disappeared at 16

She came to me at 18
A revisit I simply adored

Like old friends
We held hands
And we strolled through life happy and carefree

Together I wished for ever more
Her and just me

She left me at twenty

She came to me again at 27
So fulfilling and welcoming

We embraced the dark nights together
I now no longer needed to fight
She stayed

We sang our symphonies together
Our plights forgotten
She still held my hands
No more alone

She still whispered my name
In mysterious dark dreams
This beauty I speak of
From realms unseen

Some know her as Aphrodite
The Goddess of your Dreams
I simply knew her as Love
My beautiful Queen

We still met in ever-changing routines
We still stumbled and fell
But still she stayed
And loved all that I am

Through Heavens elation's and
Hells unwelcomed relations

I met her at birth this much she whispered

She looked deep into my eyes as I entered the world

She murmured my name as I begged for air
She told me a sacred truth

Loves sees you no matter your gender
Status or skin
She always returns to lead you into or out of sin

Just open you heart
And she will always come in

I am now an old man
And as I lay on my bed

As I look at my life as I near the end
Love still is beside me as she looks in my eyes

She said
Love stay forever and never really dies

She stroked my hair and murmured like a seductress well fed
She'll visit me in the skies and once more we'll be wed

Our love will last forever and the angels will sing
We'll dance forever in heavenly moonlight
as we take over Celestial's dance floor

She bowed, kissed and whispered into my ear

We are eternal
so of this life
Do not cry if it ends

We will embrace so soon
Once more again

For you are my lover and my eternal friend
As my heart starts to fade and my heart loses its strength

Inside I soar
For I know we'll be reunited again

I met her in Life on the day of my birth
She followed my adventures here on this earth

In heaven we will soon sing

So as I leave this old life
I feel blessed to have been married to Love
My spiritual wife

As I transfer to the angelic realms
I hope to see her still holding my hands
Still looking deep into my eyes

For we still shares life's wedding bands

Be lucky like me
For true love never dies

This is the Ballad of a Lucky Man
A man married to Love for all of his life

A man proud to have embraced her and called her his wife

As I leave this message for you to read
All I wish for you
Is a sip Loves seductive mead

For loves a beauty
Beyond trouble and strife
I hope she visits you throughout all of your life

Someone to hold through all of life's mysterious dark nights

Someone to embrace on Loves many beaches
Someone to just love you
And always leave you speechless

So here I am
As angels beckon me to leave

Love will visit
You just have to believe

Copyright John Duffy 2017

by John Duffy

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A refined poetic imagination, John Duffy. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.