I Pretend To Be Alright

With sorrow inside my heart and smile on my face,
when you go away,
I pretend to be alright..

The innocence of your face and the way you laugh aloud,
When you look at me,
I pretend to be alright..

The moments when we fight and you scream so loud,
when you disconnect the phone,
I pretend to be alright...

Every step you walk away and every breath I take without you,
when you're simply not around,
I pretend to be alright...

by Sayli Satam

Comments (14)

Thanks for the lovely poem shared, Congrats for the POTD.
The word so almost rings in sound like a bell because there's so much variation to its effect and rhyme I almost feel my senses burning.
A ballad of the Proverbs, truly sets you thinking hard. Lovely poem shared. Thanks poet.
so hurriedly you act that you run into bad luck; so tight you embrace that your catch slips away.
He lived in the 1400's but the message is still relevant today 600+ years later. I thought I might get hung up on archais language or style but the poem flows smoothly from start to finish. If I were allowed to rate the poem, I would give it a ten.
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