Don't know what you are bout
But i have no doubt
That what i sought
Is in you wrought.

All is full-filled
All hurt's woumds healed
From those who'd heeled
My trust, my heart stilled.

Desire's fires had cooled
Betrayal's waters on it pooled
Why had i this been fooled
After all love's toils muled.

But i don't want to foil my mind
With matters now in the hind
Coz my heart might miss to find
Someone like you most kind.

by Moses Ocharo

Comments (14)

Thanks for the lovely poem shared, Congrats for the POTD.
The word so almost rings in sound like a bell because there's so much variation to its effect and rhyme I almost feel my senses burning.
A ballad of the Proverbs, truly sets you thinking hard. Lovely poem shared. Thanks poet.
so hurriedly you act that you run into bad luck; so tight you embrace that your catch slips away.
He lived in the 1400's but the message is still relevant today 600+ years later. I thought I might get hung up on archais language or style but the poem flows smoothly from start to finish. If I were allowed to rate the poem, I would give it a ten.
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