WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

The Banners Are Still Silently Streaming

Quiet the noise in my bedroom
The Mummy lies dormant in the tomb
I can no longer smell her sweet perfume
The numbness overwhelms and will consume
Never more knocks at my door
Go away for I live here no more
How long will seclusion lasts?
Haunted I by creatures past

I rise to greet the dawning
Hello world and quite the morning
Twilight's back has it turned?
Illuminated desires I'm not concerned
Misty morning where have you been?
Letters I wrote many to next of kin
The light's now stricken from within
succumb to wounds on shore foreign

Awakened it's not a surprise
Blocked the sun from reaching my eyes
Coming through no sunlight
Can't tell whether it's day or night
Exiled I am from the morning
Emotionless occurrence to what's happening
Locked away deeply hidden inside
The stormy weather my persona tries to hide

My friends are my four walls
Eyes closed I walk hollowed halls
Seldom friends they call
My world has become really small
Voices I never hear
Is anyone really out there
It's just me for I lost the happier we
Deafening Silence falls on my plea

This is what the shadows brought
Solitude was the afterthought
Suppression never truly sought
In a Black-Widow's web light is caught
Isolated cried out the astronaut
Weeping audibly yet no one heard
Pleads went out coming back unanswered

Golden silence shouts aloud
Such volume strokes the crowd
Decibels peeress the ear canal
Songs out of time like Pascal
As the silence started gleaming
Innocents once start screaming
Is it mere psychosis or am I dreaming
For the banners are still silently streaming

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