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The Banyan Tree

It stands at the junction
Where three roads meet,
It is a real massive tree
Going up in air several feet.

It has a very big trunk
And many hundred ariel roots,
Which have touched the ground
And grown into new shoots.

It gives shade to the travellers
Seen from many miles away,
When the wind blows strong
It’s a joy to watch it sway.

There is a pond in front of it
Providing water to any thirsty throat,
Where pigeons and sparrows bathe
Where dozens of lotus flowers float.

The area is named after it
As a tribute to the Banyan tree,
It is the oldest living thing
In my home town to see.

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Comments (3)

This celebrates the big shade umbrella of the banyan that I remember... depicting geneology itself as trees of life... thanks for a fresh visualisation for what is not longer within my reach
I haven't seen this big wonder! good poem, now i wanan see this big wonder! Preets
i saw the banyan tee at chennai...the biggest...nice