IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Bare Facts.


The bride was totally undressed
The groom too had thought it best
To be nude on his wedding day.
The bride carried a small bouquet,

The best Man wore a beaming smile.
The bridesmaids too were in the nude.
Nude weddings have a certain style.
A very modern attitude.

The vicar too correctly dressed.
He wore a large pectoral cross.
We were all suitably impressed,
he had permission from his boss.

No need to buy a wedding dress
nor yet to hire a morning suit.
So the wedding cost much less.
Their economies had borne fruit.

They could afford a honeymoon
Though where they chose they would not say.
Bar that it cost a small fortune.
The savings they had made would pay.

The first wedding I have been to
Where nobody was overdressed.
and I have been to quite few.
I rate this as one of the best..

To prudes all nudity is rude
and so they chose to stay away.
Perhaps because they understood
their presence there would spoil the day.

Forgive me for this platitude.
They are entitled to their view.
I have a different attitude.
I was content to be bare too.

I wonder what the prudes conceal
Behind their vaunted piety.
What is it that they daren’t reveal.
Some hidden impropriety?

I do not think that being bare.
Is something that one should not do
I did not find it hard to bear
when everyone was naked too.

Each to his own I must suppose.
Whatever makes you comfortable.
Though usually I do wear clothes.
Sometimes nudity’s suitable.

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