Tiring Day

My mind is like a stairway to the stars
It goes up and down when I need to climb
Or it can be like a ship floating to sea
Nowhere but still everywhere, I am there
But also here, working on tasks, boundless...

Sometimes my mind can hide behind a door
None can explore what I feel or think
But when a man's word touches me, water
Pours out, in trickles and then in streams
Unceasing, boundless, flowing without a care...

Sometimes my mind cuts me off, lost in space
Spaced out, tearfully angry and inconsolable
I can lash out with my mind and strike you
With a sharp spear conjured with my anger
I'll cut you in pieces and bring much pain...

Seeing you hurt, covered with oozing blood
Be repentant and wash you up with tears
Crooning a song, a lullaby, tuck you in
With soft hands, lightly pat your cheek
Give you rest for another long tiring day...

by Doris Cornago

Comments (8)

who is the speaker of the poem?
I like it....
This makes me pumped up before my matchs and icome to my smackdowns! ! ! !
Roethke is a master of both humor and the poetic skills to present such enjoyable pieces of work!
A very nice poem. Quite enjoyable.
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