The Battery

Poem By Michael Brosky

Do you remember walking along the sea wall of the battery?
The sun made the stones feel warm as those elegant homes watched us stroll by
A ship of sails floated silently past adding to my flattery
A mermaid broke the sparkling water or was it a trick of the eye?
That sad statue pointed out to the harbor, it knew what we had seen
Before the twisted oaks, windswept and hiding all those secrets of heart
Waterbirds went about their labors, as the day harmonized the scene
So that, hand in hand, we never wanted that fine moment to depart
The church bells chimed from the tall steeples and it rang in true, sublime peace
That ancient city will always be a special place for you and I
In that great moment, we knew our future could only now increase
But the remembrance of it would fill our hearts as days went by
I think that we are both still there walking, arm and arm, as contented ghosts
Caught back in time on the battery, when life was best and you loved me most

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