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The Battle
MR (1989 / March)

The Battle

as we fight
what do we find
as we stare into the eyes of another man
who we have just killed

we find that he is you
different face
different figure
but still a family man

you can hear the cheering
as he left to fight
from his little town
like you

we are all just people
our blood is that of man
we must never
take what we made

we must leave the farmer to sow the seeds
of the next
the next men set to die
for honour

as they meet
face to face
they will
see each other

lay down your guns
raise your hands
and to the heavens scream

enough men dead
enough coffins
enough bullets fired in vein
enough fighting

we are nothing but men
we have nothing but breath left
but as long as we have breath
my mind will carry on

with all your force you will not kill me
in body i will die
in voice i will haunt you
for your sins

for your sins
thou shalt rot
in the fires of your mind
for your sins boy

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