The Battle For Time (A Poem To End War)

3,000 years ago or fifty or any
now to control
to the time when

any warriors religion my the
religon made perfect sense; sanity's sense

the way it was written and how it lay explained as written

generating from its loins the useless word...
as the mother of a puny mule

(they are wise and sly and boldly slide
when the definitions in people's language are slyly, boldly, under the...)

pointless vanity rule of the psycho

so how can a child grow up without words to learn?
lifetime of a man oblivion

the internet battle field is a weapon they found!

any psycho with candy
and only the time victor
can enjoy sanity in its image
stolen time by internet photos pocket lens
ubiquitous gizmos
comic book gizmos
that's how its waged!

the photos!

i'm begging you Jesus!
i'm begging you Allah!

how about the Holy Ghost?
how about the Holy Ghost?
how about the Holy Ghost?

by Jimi Doyle

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