BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

The Battle Is Hot

The road is long, the battle is hot, but many Christians just are not,
They are not on fire for The Lord, and opportunities just go ignored.
In the end times Jesus foretold, that hearts of many will grow cold.
But the gates of Hell will not prevail, for Jesus Christ can never fail.
Christ said His Church He will build, and that friend will be fulfilled.

Friend many are ignorant today, of God’s Truth and The Only Way,
Many do not embrace His Name; and Paul says this to our shame.
For all who know His Name, we need to lift our voice and proclaim,
Proclaim to all the Truth of God, everywhere that our feet will trod.
We must rise above the crowd, to proclaim Truth and to do it loud.

For we were saved to impart, The Word of God with all our heart.
And commissioned by Jesus Christ, to lead all men unto New Life.
We’ve been equipped for the task, to share Truth with all who ask.
For Christ sent us The Comforter, the teaching Spirit of The Lord.
He guides believers in The Way, giving us the right words to say.

He gives to us a bolder spirit, to speak to all who need to hear it.
We need to reach all the world, with the message prophets herald,
That anyone apart from Christ, shall never enter into Eternal Life.
We need to rekindle a new fire, in our hearts with a strong desire,
To reach the lost for Jesus Christ, so they can receive Eternal Life.

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Comments (2)

I believe your poem starts out good and is deep...don't listen to people who shun long as you think that it's good. :)
Well, if the Lord gives you 'the right words to say, ' why doesn't he give you a better place in which to say them? You could be out in the world reaching so many more people and doing wonderful works, but instead you're content to sit in front of your computer sending out daily ditties to ... poetry writers. Hardly a large audience. Is this really the low-life mission the Lord planned for you or are you just lazy? (The Lord told me to ask you that)