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The Battle Of Nahavand

Through the Ishtar Gate of Persia's eye
It can barely define the scope of this moment in time
And far from riding by in clear Greek skies
They're spiraling down to the hole in the ground where they hide

If you negotiate Achaemenid in the drive
And beat the folds in these strongholds, Alexander-eyed
And if you make it past the Cyprus' legions in the fall
Median Confederation, open the priesthood
If Xerxes calls then tell em' what's behind the wall

There's the Macedon who had an urgent spirit to conquer
Making way for the Edict of Restoring Seams
Cyprus ordered an ally with your new found faith
Could anybody want the Hittites?
Or is it just a crazy dream?

Though Persepolis bears Iran's naked ceilings
Though Ardasir ought to have pulled the curtain down
He left the raid in generals' hands
Brought about another round
At the Battle of Nahavand
Clout was not had to render Islam cut

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