What's In Your Wallet?

What is it that is in your wallet?
Is it stuffed with ones, fives and tens?
Is it filled with ID's and credit cards?
What is the message your wallet sends?

What do you carry around with you?
What do you have in that wallet of yours?
Do family pictures take a place of honor?
Are there any stubs from evils' lures.

If today you are taken in an untimely fashion
In an unexpected event and/or place
Will your wallet tell more than you wish it would?
Will you be found honorable or found in disgrace?

We don't know while we still walk this earth
If and when we might be caught off guard;
Why not inspect what we carry with us
And not make our parting unduly hard?

Scandalizing others is so hurtful a sin
Let's not be found dishonoring friend or kin
By their finding out evil places we've been.
Listen to the still soft voice within
Through God's Grace, we can win
With HIM let us begin.

Our wallets tell a story of how we live,
What we love and to whom and what we give.
Let's keep those wallets neat, simple and clean
And polish them to a fine luster and sheen;
Let's care for them as we do for souls
And meditate upon far loftier goals.

This little admonition is not meant only for you
It is meant for yours truly, too.
For in poetic form the lesson I convey
Teaches me how to walk the right way.
I hope our souls have been gently seeded
Triggering thoughts that may be needed
And that together God's plan is heeded
By bettering our lives with the passing of time
And reach the heavenly home ~
- O how sublime.

Lord, for You,

I penned this rhyme.

© Mel Patterson,3-18-08

by Carmela Patterson

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