The Beach, The Sky And Other Things

Poem By William Lindenmuth

Your love takes me to places
i have never been before
I can feel the crashing of the waves
as we drift upon the shore
I can see the gold sun glittering, deeply in your eyes
and I feel the warmth of a heartfilled smile
as the clouds go dancing by
I can hear your sweet whispers
softly on a afternoon seabreeze
a song so sweet I can taste it
as it puts my mind at ease
There's a feeling deep inside me, that ebbs like the rising tide
It's the very essence of you
that has found its way inside
like sea oats dancing slowly on the breeze that comes ashore
i find myself in your loving arms and i could not ask for more
As i gaze into your soulful eyes
seeing the beauty that lives within
the daylight slowly fades away
as the night time eases in
Your caring words shine above
like the stars in the evening sky
filling me with sweet feelings
as a meteorite shoots on by
my wish for this sultry evening
is to hold you close to me
beneath the wonders of an open sky
looking out on a wandering sea

Comments about The Beach, The Sky And Other Things

Absolutely Beautiful, passionate and moving... Respect for your work has no limit, this poem a rare jewel, valuable and ever lasting. Anyone living at the Beach will relate to the powerful emotions the title brings out in one...

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