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The Bear Trap
BF (whenever I feel like it / where hell meets the Earth)

The Bear Trap

Poem By Born Frustrated

As we sit here is this morning haze,
all i can think of, is Why i can't get away
there must be a glaze
over my eyes in which i cant not see
what you must truely be

As i see
the others flee
i stay still
not a breathe or a shiver from the chill

I close my eyes and pretend your good
what i want
what i need
but when they open i can see
what you really are.....

A bear trap
Your spikes they dig deeper and deeper in to my thigh
the blood slowly moves down my leg,
yet my mouth does not quiver
except for when i move closer and closer
and i whisper a simlpe lie about what is wrong

my mouth slowly forms the words
i love you

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you should tell her to read this.......good idea? ? ? ? ?