Latin Flower

In a cantina
In a smoke filled room
The aroma of sweat poured through the air
As Spanish guitars played the strings of my heart

You are an enigma of my hallucination
An anonymous guest in my dream

As the Tequila and lime burns me inside
I know you are no illusion

Confused to sit or to stand
I am intoxicated by your perfume
You have consumed me with your every move

My thoughts are now clear
My intentions are mine
I know what I need to do

I need to taste your sangria lips
To hold your hips that hold’s time

To straighten your curves
To hold you so tight that I feel the plumpness of your breast

Latin flower come dance with me

Be my Latin lover, be mine forever

Be mine tonight!

by Federico del Corazón

Comments (3)

Such a great poem by Nilki Giovanni👍👍👍
An inert object! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
An interesting write. This poem rights no wrongs but hangs itself on motion and inertia. I would like to see more introspection in this narrative poem. There is no point in accepting, as the last stanza does, inevitability. Inherent racism must be tackled head on. It is ignorance. We are all related as humans.As should all ignorant inequalities.