Poem Hunter
The Bearded Lady
(04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

The Bearded Lady

Before I went down to sleep,
To work for her dreams,
I knelt and said the prayer to
Magnum PI and his Jerry
(because my grandmother loved him
More than her husband) ,
Especially in the newly paved places
Where we go to church there
Is a righteous rod on the
Steeple to
Attract the lightning
To bring in the people, between
The doors where my
Teeth become a yellow
Sunday graveyard I go
Out walking up the rainy highway
Scarred in the mountain there
Is a lady she is all rose
Thorns, she spreads those legs
To me as if she were trying to
Serve me a drink from them,
The elk blow their bull horns,
And the night on her hillside
Is a radio
And the clouds are its sounds,
The music my feet make
As they go underground;
As it marches all toward me,
The eyes of these things,
They are opening the thoughts in
That I thought before
Were sold-out.
After school all 10 kids were
Dead before their bodies hit
The ground,
When their parents drove in
Making the color of noises
After school
What a circus!

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