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The Beast

A dark being lurks in the mist,
Its colossus shadow towers the land,
With razor fangs and claws as gift,
Its roar trembles the heart of men.

This cursed creature its fur black as death,
Its blood-thirsty eyes pierce the moonlight,
Spreading its evilness with every breath,
Every titanic step shakes the ground with might.

However, beneath its condemned skin,
There is something more within,
You see… sometimes things aren’t what they seem,
Even for this monster such an ugly scene.

A being is hiding inside,
Covered by a body that pains the sight,
This poor giant is afraid even of the dark,
For it bears an innocent and naïve heart…

“But man…they judge so wrongly,
Eyeing everything from the outside solely,
Never knowing the truth lying within,
All the goodness that they can bring.”

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i like it but i dont really get it.