WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

The Beast

The beast by no better name called love

I'm so much alone
I've got no one to call my own
How I want to pick up the phone
And call you sometimes
In the mirror I steer
But I see no one there
Does any really cares
I'm so lonely I could die
I'd forget you if I could
But now forgetting does me no good
How I wish you would come on home

You never took the time to realize
That without you, my heart dies
How could you leave me so lonely
I find it hard to carry on
Now that love has gone
I have made such a mistake

Nothing will ever be the same
I played a foolish game
Now I'm here all by myself
How could this ever be
When you left you took the better part of me
But I know I have to let you go

If I could take back yesterday I would
To slay a dragon I could
Only if you would come back to me
Just a chance to hold your hand
I could be that better man
But you look at me with so much scorn

Inside I'm a hollow shell
My soul has died and gone to hell
Seeing you no longer want to be with me
Belittle spirit in despair
Look at me if you dare
And you will see I have nothing left to live for

For what you've done I can forgive
For without you I can not live
Every day I live is a lie
To steal a star I would try
A greater treasure I could never find
To me, your love is so divine
I'd pay the devil to make you once more mine
The highest mountain I would climb
Just to hold one more time
How can I apologize for the past
My eyes are open at last
I can finally see clearly now
So I must win you back somehow
It might take me forever
Loving you I can stop never

When God calls me home and puts me to the test
I will pass knowing that I tried my best
So I write you this simply letter
Knowing that I could have done better
For all the time we have spent together
These memories I will treasure
As the sun rises in the east
My heart was slain by the beast
The beast by no better name called love

by Wilfred Mellers

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