The Beast

You’re taking me where I want to go
When I know I shouldn’t follow,
Please don’t lead me down this road,
You know I’ll only follow.

Draw me to the beasts’ cave,
Now you’re handing me the key,
See it in the beasts’ eyes,
It yearns to be free.

Chains clink,
Ice melts,
Under your gaze
I reach out…

Help me, help me,
It’s gone insane!
Save me, save me,
It’s got out again!

Hidden claws rake my heart
Leaving bloody furrows,
Teeth that catch each pulsing beat
And drink down all my sorrows.

The beast takes its fill
Then takes flight,
Smile left on my face,
Peace has found me,
Pale in the sunlight.

by Stuart Doggett

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