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The Beast
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The Beast

Poem By Hope Jenson

You stalk through darkness
Voice seeping through joy
Death in your veins
you seek it out for another

You wait in impatience
Silence, you run
Told, they chase you
Nowhere to go

You run, Not fast enough
Your identity left a trail
They followed to your den
You're found, caught, captured

Relief... But no

You sulk in you cage
Waiting, plotting conspiring
Summoned you come
Not good for the villain

The innocent in heart
But guilty at mind
To talk, prevail
Reveal the masked man

Your claws are chained
You look up, horror
The lies you planned
They are not heard

The end, for now
Caged up in your zoo
Item to laugh at
You count the days

Safe, again for now
The Beast is withheld
The Victim sighs
But the damage is done

The Beast has ravaged
You the Beast
You turned the whole
Into the broken

The first will not come
You've made it unwell
You changed, darkened
The pureness of new

Already used

Healing through words
Broken by body
You are but a memory
You are but a nightmare

Drifting, You leave the Broken
Your mate withstands
The once loving Angel
Turned traitorous Devil

Devil, Serpent, evil Witch
She claws her way to the heart
Witch follows her Brood
Wrongly with modern magic

But soon they forget
Happiness seeps in
The Witch and The Beast
Dwindle from their lives

The beginning and end
The Victim and The Brood
Free at last from the clutches
to move on and live

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