EB ( / Earth)

The Beast Within

We who live upon this Earth
Descended from a common Source
Since Life Began
(Including Man)
Should by this millennium Commenced
At least have Acquired
Enough common sense
To comprehend the simple fact
That Dispute
Tribal Pact
Religious Differences
And Fear
Of Cultures
And of what we each all Wear
Our Customs
And our Flags that Stand
Unwelcoming with Bands
That stately music Play
Tunes that set us all Apart
Anthems printed in our Hearts
Are obstacles to Man
His future Progress
And all Plans
For harmony that should Expand
Humanity throughout the wider Space
In which we Live
(The Universe)
Now known to be within our Reach
If we can but survive the Beast
Within Ourselves
That surely may destroy Us

For it would seem we have the Means
If we could concentrate upon the Mind
(And not the Bomb)
To put the past behind Us
As some Great Obstacle
Done with War
Moving on
In knowledge Grown
That we all share One
Realizing that we live Upon
A Planet
Surrounded by Each Other
On this most Beautiful
Earthly Living Ball
All the Same
One Family
One Race
Man united
(Not that one)
As a Team
And so fulfil the Dream
That is our Destiny
If only we survive the Beast Within
That surely could Destroy us

I would Say
That Man will ever see that Day
Either Way
Let there Be
Eternal Shame
On Man
If he would by his own Stupidity
Deny himself the chance to See
The Universe
That Patiently
Awaits him

Should someone grab the Reins?
Lead the Team across the Plains
That lie Ahead
Full of Dread
Life of Chance
Dance of Death
Survive or Die
The Race of Man
Someone who can take some Pain
Sacrifice his peace of Mind
To lead
Man to that point in Time
Where he fulfils his Destiny
His Dream
With his Machines
And so Survive
The Beast Within
That surely would Destroy Us

I think Not

For you can lead a man who sees
But he may still be Blind
For until the Man who Sees will See
You have not changed his mind
Unless we have a lot of
It would seem that we are
With a Beast Within
That surely will destroy us

If it is So
Then it will Be
Fear not Then
Boil the Sea
The Oblivion of Man
From the Universal Plan

But Life will then begin again
For Life is like Eternal Rain
Formed Again
Formed Again
One Day
(Aeons away)
Each one of us
In our own Form
(Whatever that may be)
Has learnt It

Learnt to Survive
The Beast inside
That surely would destroy Us
For is not that Life’s Purpose?

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Really like what your saying here. Hope we never see the end of man kind like your saying here. This would be better in free verse. You don't have to rhyme that way. Easier to write poetry.Otherwise like the meaning in it.