The Beat Of Torture

The Beat Of Torture

The beat of torture in the day of the departure
The beat of torture is playing In my heart
From the day you vanish from me and that beat in my heart

The torture became the subject of my book
From the day we separate my angel
And I’m lost in my heart, saving the memories

Don’t know why always the assess dissipates between me and the one I love
Don’t know why I have been created
Have I been created to be tortured and live my life alone

Away from my love
The love that I dream about
Between me and that love there are miles,
Mountains, and Valleys
And in every step a new hurt
In this world I’m in the kingdom of sadness
kingdom of sadness with a high wall(s)
In it we Drink from the tear’s

The tears of a lover’s heart
The tears of every oppressed
And we dream to see the sun and get out of this kingdom
But there is no way because the sadness is a destiny for my heart
My hurt heart

In my life the happiness becomes the less of sadness
The happiness meaning im not happy but less sad than yesterday

Why destiny
Why is my heart, from the love debar
And the sadness becomes like my shadow, with me everywhere

And like I‘m not a human who needs a little happiness in his life
But a human who was created to live in the deprivation

Why destiny
Why do you take my love from me
Why do you keep giving me the sadness
Why do you color my sky by black
Why the hurt you’ve opened in my heart
Why from my life youve taken the only dot of happiness
And in my heart always the beat of sadness youve played

By Walid Salame

by Walid Salame

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