AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

The Beat Of Your Heart

When you're in, a quandary and don't
know what to do, listen to your heart,
it will always, be true! It won't steer you
wrong, as it doesn't want to break! It's
telling you, in it's own way, not, to make
a mistake! Your head, of course, will
tell you one thing, but your heart, feels
the pain! It tries to convey to you, that
some things, are all in vain! Take the
necessary time, listen, to the beat of
your heart! With every beat, that it's
taking, it's saying, venture out and give
yourself, a brand new start! Now, it's
not really that complicated, as you will,
eventually see! Your heart, really does
know best and the rest, will be history!

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