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The Beating Of Mine Heart
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)

The Beating Of Mine Heart

The beating of mine heart
Begins its pounding more
With each waking hour
Its thee I do adore
Passion love and romance lost
Once too long ago
But now that thou hath come unto me
Tis thee I do adore

Thou givest me hope again desire
Thou givest me inspiration
Thou givest unto me true love
From far off distant nation
Wouldst thou giveth unto me
A morsel from thine heart
A small and insignificant
But just so loving part

If I could feel thine hand in mine
If I could kiss thy cheek
I would so bow down willingly
And I would worship at thy feet
For the love thou giveth me
Wouldst thou bless me with thy gift
Be it even small and waiving
For if thou shouldst so see it fit
Then I wouldst love the faithfully

As the sunlight fades to night
As the darkness calls me
I give into its lustfull call
And follow chained it to thee
Shackles are the smallest price
To pay for all thou gives me
Tis not my hands these shackles bind
But mine heart and soul are bound
Alone and only to thee

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