The Beautiful

Alabama is the birthplace of Mercedes,
it is the M class that will be the fruit of loom
And Kellogg's Cornflakes and the hot dog full of nitrates,
and aspartame from Montesano, that is us.
We have it all, you stupid people from the old life,
we have surpassed you, do not need you any more.
With our weapons of not mass but plain destruction
we rule your world and owe you nothing in return.
Oh, yes we learned our skills from you and your French buddies,
we bought your vehicles and all technology,
but when we hatched from dormant shells, we did evolve.
So on your knees while there is time for that, or else.
Should you have doubts about our mandate in this life
I do suggest you look at us, as size does count,
8X is standard now, so get this in your skull,
you all are vermin now, and no one leaves this ship.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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A bitter poem, but sadly, there's justification for the bitterness.