The Beautiful Dilapidation Of Our Saturdays

amazing beautiful dilapidation were our Saturdays
back then with their playhouse ramifications
their peanut butter and banana sandwiches

fixed by our Grandfather
just for us
the Queens of Jam

you build the house you will live in later
when you are young
for perhaps a long time

yes a playhouse a treehouse of the heart
and you climb up there with all your dolls
so that the leaves laugh and they ask

and who are all these people
have we met yet
you with your imaginary teas

your long perusal of the rose tinted clouds
as if you had fallen headfirst
into a cloud library.

how I miss the pines back then
and the fresh wind
and that feeling in your fifteen petticoats

the colors of all roses

as if we were already eternal
in the beautiful dilapidation of Saturdays
and no tests given and all chores done

and fun fun fun
until the fading of the day
then lullabies then

warm cocoa and the fairy tales all told
and dreams and strawberries with cream all
put away

and dreams
that stayed.

mary angela douglas 28 july 2017

by Mary Angela Douglas

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