The Beautiful End ~

His eyes
filled with rage
God's only regret
there he stands
now with broken wings
shattered soul
an evil angel
he has become
lies are all he holds
craddles the darkness
as his only friend
surrendering to it's deceit
no one to save him
now alone
her face he sees
in his mind
as beauty
hair as black as night
skin as pale
with green eyes
holding her fears
no resting place
for his head tonight
the rain comes now
there she stands
like in a dream
blood tears on
her beautiful face
body trembling
the knife digs
deeper into his heart
she's come to save
him from himself
standing there
holding the blood stained knife
he falls to the wet ground
gently she kisses his lips
closes his eyes
this was the end
of such beauty
two angels
fallen here undone
lays her head on
lifeless chest
falls asleep
for the last time

by Heather Biscoe

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