The Beautiful Past

this is an old man's perception-

So many years have gone by,
for me the bed is everything on which i lie.
But one thing which keeps me alive,
is the memories of the beautiful past spent with my wife.

It's just that i never told her how much i love her,
till now i had been living with that burden,
as if my life was chained in a dungeon.

The days we used to walk together,
the air i used to breathe in,
still makes me feel as if it purified all of my sins.

Time and time as clocks tick by,
seeing above i feel she's there in the sky,
longing for the soul of my.

The time has come for me to go there,
such a long time after we both will meet and share,
the memories of the beautiful past
of taking each other's care.

the chance of living such a married life is less,
but the one who gets this life,
is really GOD BLESSED.

by ronik braveheart

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