(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Beauty Inside

I could not stay down in the deepest part of despair
as always my fictional characters came with a play
an allegory, a parable of wisdom triumphant over
blackness and death, as I grit my teeth and sank
lower under the yoke

The drama they enacted started to lift my feet until I
was out of my body - determined to wear the crown
of thorns I went to French class to listen to politics -
presented by Christophe Emery – and determinedly
the story kept going

Then we talked about cloning and clichés, there was
room for me to breathe, better emotion than horror at
politicians’ complete lack of ethics filled my heart, we
listened to Rima explain about Maghreb, I showed
her the article about Algeria

Where classic Arabic is the state language although
nobody can understand it; the sun came out and the
purple explosions of Jacarandas became an Arc de
Triomphe for me – I can visualise you in a new way,
see you conquer the enemy:

Loneliness and despair - I dream of Carine being
uplifted and finding new joy, her eyes opening
wide to see the beauty inside
the wonder of life...

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