Getting Along

In order to get your relationship on
the right course, you can't put the
cart, before the horse! If you both
want to get along, you have to know,
right from wrong! When making
decisions, it's adviseable they be
made by two. If it's not heeded,
they'll be a lot of conflict, between
the both of you. If you do things
together, it can bring you closer and
that's what you're really aiming for.
Why not do, what everyone knows,
it's better to make peace, instead
of war!

by Audrey Heller

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I'll add my nine to his... Which reminds me I have an appointment with one on thursday; -) Amicalement votre Ronberge
Well you get the sympathy vote,9, from me. Did you have a cold when you wrote the last line?