The Beauty Of Avon

Poem By Rose Anderton

We live together in our little home, my cat Bonnie and I
We keep very busy in every way, go out walking every day
Enjoying the views of the Mendip Hills and walks in the country lanes,
The White Horse of Westbury high on the hill, vying for prominence with Cley Hill
Longleat, so stately, and Heaven's Gate, Sheerwater calm like a healing balm.
Further, we have the beauty of Bath, and our lovely Victoria park,
But above all that I can recall, is the majesty of the great Cheddar Gorge
A cleft in the rock giving shelter to one, and the hymn we all love, "Rock of Ages", was born
Here in my quiet home in Frome we've created a wild garden all our own,
For bees and butterflies and birds in the trees, from a derelict overgrown patch.
Cleared bottles and bones, sticks and stones, rusty wire netting nailed to old poles, all just lying there.
When the debris was cleared, it revealed what we feared,
The ground beneath was black like wet peat and crawling with slugs and
Planted a conifer grown from a cone, cleared out woodlice from under the stones.
Old tangled ivy climbs up the walls, with bramble, mallow and buddlia tall.
Honeysuckle mingles with beech and nightshade, all flourish now in sunshine and shade
Planted teasels, daffodils, love-in-the-mist, primroses, bluebells and cowslips.
I wonder what the future of this garden will be, only time will tell.
Now I have a vision of what it could be, a bower of roses with a seat when you tire,
And a plaque saying simply sit, rest and admire.

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