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The Beauty Of This World
MAJ ( / Springfield, MA)

The Beauty Of This World

Poem By Margarete A. Jordan

The beauty of this world will stay, however man might see it,
He can't remove it, think it away, by no means can he flee it,
Whatever he may wish or do, however hard he tried,
Forever will the beauty last, it cannot be destroyed.
After a storm has ended, the sun with power and light,
The sober eye bedazzling, will shed its golden light.
A new beginning where before all noble dreams seemed lost,
And liberation comes our way, when it is needed most.
For every broken spirit another one is mended,
When peace spreads through the battered land, another war is ended.
A helping hand, a friendly smile during a time of sorrow,
All grief does disappear since hope lies in the sweet tomorrow.
Heroic deeds of men unknown were not performed in vain,
Adding more beauty to this world, forever to remain,
Telling in song and poetry the countless, ancient stories,
With epitaphs of bravery and unforgotten glories.
In every beating heart a hidden treasure lies,
For every one whose life is o'er, a newborn baby cries.
The beauty of this world lives on, nothing can mar its path,
The ugliness of death itself cannot put it to death!

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Thank-you. Love this