The Beauty Of Winter

I gazed out of my window at a bleak and wintry sky;
At trees so leafless and so fare I couldn't help but sigh;
For in the spring the trees and flowers are lovely as can be,
And autumn brings them colors that no artist hopes to see. Then suddenly upon the pain, oh! wouldn't you just know?
There fell a splash of dampness, 'twas a flake of driven snow.
Then several other snowflakes came tumbling to the ground,
And as I looked out o'er the yard I saw them all around. The snowflakes fell still faster, and I shed a silent tear;
Because the loveliest scene of all was really almost here.
I watched as snow fell everywhere and stared till eyes grew dim;
For wasn't this the season Christ was born in Bethlehem? And what besides the Christ Child's face to we who are below;
Is lovelier than a flake of pure white snow?
Or wintry blanket of pure white that sparkles bright and glistens,
And with it's falling hear His voice if someone only listens?

by Levica Jamison Middlebrooks


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