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The Bedroom Floor

I can still see you standing in that spot on the bedroom floor
Where wood meets carpet in front of the open door.
I can see your smile, I can see your face
I can see you standing alone with such fearless grace.
With elegance and an unknown shine
The left hand holds a flower, and the right holds a bottle of wine.

Unsuspecting and vague, I didn’t see you at first.
I lay with my back to you on the bedroom floor.
I didn’t wish it but I was glad to see you standing at the open door
Now I wish to see you there everyday,
But I can’t anymore.

Can you still see me smiling at you?
That look on my face is because I love you too.
The song that plays in the background captures the moment,
Captures the moment so well,
I can no longer bear to listen to it.

Rain hitting the windows, it's all so picture perfect.
Now, the rain hits the windows again,
But the picture is far from perfect.
So far from perfect, it’s become derelict,
Derelict and empty, the pictures just plain.

So a girl sits alone with a pen and some paper.
The walls are black; the open door hates her.
It’s the middle of the summer but the suns disappeared,
Along with all hope that he will reappear.

She saw him fall from that bridge; she knows he’s not coming back.
But she died that day too; and now she’s completely off track.


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