The Bedroom

i'm remodelling my bedroom
it's far too boring(, even to bore me to sleep)
it does by no means satisfy
by far too lifeless and bleak

no colors for the Ceiling work out
i've deduced blue as the best,
but its applying has left me with much doubt

green for the floor, , , and walls, , , easily.
but no shade that i choose
ever seems to fit or to please me

and windOws, new, bigger; white breaking up blue
but no size or style lets in enough light to ever make do

a new bed, surely will help me dream
even a thousand spring/mattress does not suffice it seems

so after all the work was finished
and did not by any means seem to fit,
i walked outside to the blue Sky, green plants, , , the bright sUn, and a million grass/bed which it lit
and i laid down and fell a sleep, soundly, perfect, dreaming ( :)
this is it

by Pete O'H

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Wonderful read. They say the best things in life are free, looks like you found it. Patricia