Life In Sepia

There is no one says she is perfect
Is there anybody can save your life?
When your breath stops, and when shadows paints the angels,
Is there anybody can stop you carried away by them?
I have seen the up’s and down’s
The girl who I used to share my views and thoughts have changed
Now she doesn’t understand what I speak
People whom you love the most may turn and say bye
And I tell you, how long can you please them?
How long will you wear those wolves skin?
Thoughts were endless and I was keen to dig the past,
To learn more and the best out of it
Do I always need to tell you I'd deceived for loving my friends
Hey girl, how long will you wear those wolves skin?
When the world ends, and the river dries, you look back and see
Ask your thoughts before it kills your conscience
Love me not! but aren’t you regretting for the wild stories you made out of me
The wicked filthiest act made you loose your character
Time, it can never be changed by turning the hands of your little clock…
And I say, trust & love will come to you once you are deceived.

by Nithin Jacob

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Michael, I liked this, as well as your other work.