The Beggar's Prayer

Once I walked along the shore,
Lonely, but happy, when I saw,
An old homeless man - torn and ragged were the clothes he wore.
He stood in the sunset; all was silent, except for a bird’s caw.

He raised his arms in prayer, and cried,

“Lord I want to ask You this,
Rain down Your blessings on those below,
Let them feel your healing kiss,
For sickness grips many like a foe.
Set them free!

“Send angels’ songs to bring them bliss,
To all: rich, poor, mute or poet…
Let their pain fade into the mist,
Let them feel your loving touch and know it.
I fall to my knees!

“You who guide the world to find a path,
Through awesome battles and evil’s blast,
Help them break free of sickness’ wrath,
Make their pain a dim memory of the past.
May it be! ”

Wearily, he walked and sat down in a park.
A policeman came and looked at him with a frown,
“Vagrants are not allowed here after dark.
You’ll need to move to another part of town! ”

by Mary Naylor

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Your compassion becomes you. My old friend Menke Katz was fond of declaring that, 'The gold is in the sunset'. For such noble beggars, and I am sure there are many, it will get better farther on. Beautiful write, Mary. Love, Sandra