KC (06 Dec 1960 / Hamilton Scotland)

The Beggars Lament

Spare some change Mr
You know Im down and out
Spare some change
You know I need it

Spare some change Mr
Im down on my luck
Spare some change

Well F**k you ya auld C**t
Spare some change Mrs

Spare me your change
I promise I, ll get steaming drunk
D ya think its my fault
Im down and out
D ya think its his fault
He chats up queers
D ya think its his fault
He drinks all those beers

If you think its our fault
Just remember this shout
F**k you ya auld C**t Im down but not out

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I like it! And at this time of year when the weepie ones are out I can hear your beggar shout! This is what the giving season is all about, A bit of beer for your drunken lout. Never mind that he's not like you and me Leaving something different neath the Christmas tree.