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The Beggining...
LJ (22-06-1991 / Mansfield)

The Beggining...

Poem By Lucyrose JarvisWelsh

Broken hearts meeting over wires,
Passions doused by internal fires,
Honesty and trust build from scratch,
The door is not yet open but hanging on a latch.
From the fires a phoenix has just been born,
New hope arises from what has once been so torn,
What’s the point in beginning something just before the end?
Friendship based on strong foundations, or is it just pretend?
Take my hand and together we shall fly into the night,
Let the wind drift us high and free like the kite.
Love is never easy to let go,
Can make you sick, yet feel so right from head to toe.
What’s wrong in yearning for perfection?
Don’t blow strong feelings with deflection.
Hold on to what you want, and what you need will follow after.
Throw away the tears and replace them with cheek hurting laughter.
Take my hand, and I will try to show you a better place,
One where you can be you and not be made to feel disgraced.
You are amazing, know that to be true,
Now let our friendship begin, my message from me to you!

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