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The Beginning

The look in his eyes surround me whole,
The touch of him sends a chill,
His looks come across as a story untold,
They seem to punish me at will.

Perhaps it's the way he smiles,
It may even be the way he smells,
For him i could run miles,
And even climb ten foot wells.

So maybe that's why i did it,
I couldn't let anyone else have him,
It was done carefully bit by bit,
But i was proud i had to tell them.

The days go slowly by locked in this cell,
It's been said i may be condemned to hell.

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I like the way this poem turns. At the beginning I thought it was going to be a poem of reget over the losing the one you love. I like the twist at the end, especially the lines, 'but i was proud, i had to tell them.' It put a morbid smile on my face-just like the rest of this poem. Great job.