The Beginning Of An Ending

A garden full of lust
A mind wandering and wanting trust
People of innocence trying to think
Finding this world wasn’t meant to just be…
Two people … one of a kind?
Woman made in the eyes of a man
Conveying more beauty than anyone could obtain…
A garden full of beauty and lost thoughts
A life ready to start … or end?
A world … destined to be full of sin
Oh this beauty it was dark
Oh this beauty it was full of pain…
This beauty was the kind that fades
Luscious beauty that only ate up broken trust
Don’t eat of that fruit is forbidden
But, we are human … curiosity consumes us
We are women from the beginning we never listened
Oh delicious fruit show me the truth…
The truth was she lay naked
Her body she bore without a stitch of clothing
Her breast lay bare and supple
Her husband’s body she looked up on
What she saw was so wrong…
She wanted to touch she wanted to love
A garden so innocent now full of lust
And her mind broke she stood there with no wonder
Cause now this woman knew
She ruined the garden
She broke god’s plans
An apple red and ripe an apple made her lose sight
An apple made eve destroy all that was right
The world the kind that is only sin
This world died with the bite of a simple woman
My world broken by this light
I discovered once in time everything was perfect
Our world was a beauty lost by a woman with beauty so thick you would choke on her loving smile while basking in her laugh…
This garden was the kind that waited for a woman to be the beginning and end of all time

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