HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

The Beginning Of The End

Slipping and sliding
I want ot go back into hiding.
Things are starting to move
Evidence bring gathered to prove.

The police have already spoken to Paul
And then I got the telephone call.....
They are now taking in my mum
Now I know there's more heartache to come.

What will mum say?
She will try to get her own way.
Will she lay on the water works?
Say she's only guilty of dating a jerk.

She will make out that she had things so hard
Try and gain the sympathy card.
Tell them how he treated her so bad
I know exactly what she'll do and it makes me mad.

She will tell them how she tried to be the perfect mum
How when she was with Paul she felt so numb.
The story of how she didn't know
That if she had she would have made him go.

Telling them that I'm confused
And that there was no way I was ever abused.
She will tell them she did all she could
That maybe some of her decisions were not for the good.

She was there, so always knew
Paul can also confirm that too.
But he might not back me up and that's unfair
Cause then it means he would have to admit that he was there.

They will both deny it all
Try and make me look the fool.
Having to stand up in the dock
Trying to remain as strong as a rock.

They will try every trick in the book
To try and get themselves off the hook.
They will try to convince people I'm lying
The worst thing I could do is go in there crying.

I can not let them see me crack
Try not to let them get on my back.
All I can do is speak the truth
I'm prepared to shout my story from the roof.

All I want is justice done
I'm not doing this as a bit of fun.
I will have to bare my heart and soul
To find some closure, that's my goal.

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Well Stacey, great poetry great truth and a great story. I hope you prevail.