The Beginning Of Wisdom

God has put in His Word the fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom,
This instruction in Psalms is meant for all Believers not just some.

It's not a fear of man, but a deep reverence for God in one's heart,
And once you have this Holy Fear inside you will sense Wisdom start.

Today Christians seem to be very vulnerable to the enemy's attacks,
For a real Godly Fear with His Wisdom is something The Church lacks.

In The Church we have convinced ourselves of so many foolish things,
All the while as Christians ignoring the fact we are now new beings.

A lot of these things are not of The Spirit, but of man's own mind,
And many lead us to embrace the very things we should leave behind.

After King David had firmly established Israel into their new land,
He had passed the Kingdom down to Solomon with a new task at hand.

Humbled by the task of leading all the people of God's New Kingdom,
Solomon knew he needed Divine Guidance and asked for Godly Wisdom.

And with God's Wisdom Israel became the greatest nation ever known,
However, this mighty nation fell when Solomon chose to use his own.

And as Solomon needed God's Wisdom to lead the people of his nation,
We too in The Church need God's Wisdom to lead people to Salvation.

And because we are a royal priesthood leading others to The Kingdom,
It's time to truly fear God so that He can fill us with His Wisdom.

(Copyright © 08/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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