The Beginning To My End

Poem By Fernando Alvarez

What do you see when you look out today?
What do you think the whole time you feel?
Does your heart feel like it's in pain?
Does your heart even feel real?
I feel a little sting
I wish it would go away
I can’t wish for everything
So I wish it to stay
What have I become?
You tell me my good friend
Cause you said you always knew
The beginning to my end
Sometimes I don’t think at all
I feel like I’m dirt
I can’t calm myself down
All I do is hurt
Everyday I feel like shit
Everyday I sit on this chair
My brain is full of thoughts
My life you cannot repair
I will die in time
My body will disappear
Now you can go hurt someone else
For I will not be here
If I could start all over again
I would move so far away
I wouldn’t lie to myself
I would find a better way

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I feel the same way I love this poem GOOD JOB! ! ! ! !

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Suicide is the answer
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12: 15pm 04/13/05'

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