Serve The Lust

Serve the lust

Thursday, May 10,2018
7: 47 AM

I know about it all
and so give the call
not to shed tears
and silently bear

what is use?
if I refuse
to obey an internal instruction
that has something to do with relations

the body pain may go away
if I stay in bed
take some medicines
but what shall be done to an ailing heart?

the body may belong to me
and I shall be free
to feed her conveniently
but the soul may not feel happily

the dirt is all around
but can't be found
as eyes are not used to observe
selfishly we follow and serve the lust

Hasmukh Amathalal


by Hasmukh Amathalal

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You had several typos in this poem. since every word of a poem is so important ~ I would think you should take better care at transcribing. also ~ after I became a member ~ I went into your site typed in Rabindranath Tagore The Beginning and it says ~ 0 poems found! ! ! Why should I join if it is easier to find the poem with google! !